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What Flowers you can send on Easter

Easter is the biggest Christian festival which is celebrated every year on the first Sunday following first full moon after 21 March. Like other religious festivals, special arrangements are made in Churches to celebrate this event with the spirit. The holy festival is celebrated in the memory of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Number of things like eggs, chickens, chocolate bunny’s and gifts are associated with holy event, how flowers can be forgotten. As blooms are evergreen memento to be presented to everyone on any occasion. What makes it an absolute choice is their selection according to event. Since Easter falls just at the start of spring season, various spring flowers are associated with this event.
Spring is the season of blooming and offers a huge variety of blooms. But you can’t randomly pick any flower to send on this holy occasion. Perfectly chosen flowers can help you to show the love and regard you possess for Jesus Christ. Below I am sharing traditional flowers you can send on Easter with their correct meanings.

Lily are the trumpet-shaped white flowers listed on the top when we are talking about Easter. Being symbolized for hope, holiness, life and purity, the bloom is also mentioned in Holy Bible many times. They are believed to be found in the garden Gethsemane after the death of Christ. While gifting this bloom to your family and friends enable you to convey your love and affection for them.
Daffodils are also trumpet-shaped bright yellow blooms grow from dead bulb truly symbolize the resurrection of Jesus from death. They are best selling bloom for this even especially. The cheerful blossom efficiently portray rebirth and eternal life. According to a myth the flower first emerged from the ground after the resurrection of Christ. Having been associated with religious festival the flowering is referred as “Easter Bells” in Germany and “Lenten Lilies” in England.

Tulips are also among the first bloom sprout in the spring season. They truly symbolize for love and passion. Red tulips are typically associated with the festival as they considered to represent the blood of Jesus shed during crucifixion. Moreover, they also show Jesus love for the whole mankind. Whereas, yellow blooms are perfect to show your innate and unconditional love for the recipient.

Pussy Willow
The flowering is extremely popular in UK and Russia. Attractive Catkins fuzzy white buds, symbolizes as immortality and resurrection. Being bloomed earlier at the start of spring, new branches sprout almost everywhere on the whole plant with flowers. The soft fluffy bloom with silver and yellow catkins can be the perfect choice for bouquets and decoration for this holy event.

Elegant daisies are more like white lilies. Pleasantly fragrant white flowers truly stand for purity and calmness, which are the highlighted features of this holy event.

Generally stands for beauty, the flowering is famous for its sweet fragrance. The bloom is available in different colors like purple, yellow, white, pink and red. Every color denote something unique like purple can be given for asking forgiveness, white shows your love and best wishes for someone, yellow reveals feelings of jealousy and red or pink indicate joy of celebration and play.

Azalea is a beautiful flower of spring which is known for its elegant appearance and color. A bouquet can be given to someone special to express your feelings temperance and passion. Sending a bouquet mean you want that you are requesting the recipient to take care of him/herself for your sake.

Chrysanthemum can be the perfect bloom for your Easter bouquet as it enable you to show how great you feel with presence someone in your life. And you want to tell them they are precious. White blooms show cheerfulness whereas yellow flowerings indicate slighted love.

Sending flowers has always been expressive way to show your feelings without words. If you know the right meanings of different flowers you can make the one your own or you can also choose professional florist services to send the best flowers to your beloved on Easter.