Send best flowers by month for all over the year

After becoming world famous gift choice, blooms are being presented on several occasions.  Specific kind of flowering is associated with particular occasion. For example roses and tulips for valentine, yellow roses with friendship, Gladiolas, White Carnations and White Daisies for sympathy and funerals and bunch of multi color lilies for passing graduation. Whereas for grand celebrations like weddings, festivals and family gatherings, seasonal varieties of blooms are very suitable to use. Being seasonal they are abundantly grown and available at reasonable prices. But when it is the time to say happy birthday to your buddy or you want to share your intimate love to your significant other, you can choose to send best flower by month for all over the year. Florists credited specific flower with unique meanings for all 12 months in the year.


Best flowers by month

Below I am sharing interesting facts about flowers for every single month from January to December with their meaning and message. You can choose to send according to occasion and relationship with receiver. Wisely selected blossoms can make this act of caring more meaningful and helps to create beautiful memories.


Carnations are available in shades of pink, red, purple, white, yellow and striped symbolize for pride and beauty. Red and white show feelings of love and pure love whereas pink reveals affection for someone.


Although this month is associated with the event of Valentine, Violets are the perfect choice for this month. They are available in different shades of purple and blue. You can present them on your friend birthday or your soul mate to express faithfulness, loyalty and care.


Available in yellow and white colors, Daffodils are the perfect choice for this month. You can send a perfect bunch of these beautiful blooms to convey your unequaled love and loyal feelings for someone special you owe.


The warm month of April can be a perfect time to show the of goodness, innocence and simplicity your love for your partner or friend. You can efficiently convey your thoughts with a beautiful bunch of Daisies that are available in lavender, pink, red, yellow and white.


So it’s the bright sunny month of May and you are looking for a way to tell your friend and significant other how blessed you feel just because of them. Lily of Valley, the beautiful white blossoms are perfect to send on birthdays and events in this month. Make your own bouquet and share feelings of happiness and sweetness.


Roses are the flower of this month. Available in several colors like pink, red, white, peach, yellow, cream and lavender, they can communicate the message of happiness, romance, purity and friendship.


July is the month to experience summer on its peak. Although you can find widest range of flowerings in the gardens. Larkspur is the bloom of July. It can be found in several shades of blue, lavender, light pink, white and red. Present a perfect bouquet to convey your love and affection to your beloved on their special day.


Recognized as the month of celebrations across the world, the warm weather during August supports cultivation and growth of several blooms. The best blooming for this month is Gladiolus which is the symbol of infatuation, strong character and memories. Lavender, light pink, red, yellow white and orange are the several shades of this beautiful bloom.


September is the month of changing season. It is the beginning of autumn. Aster the symbol of powerful love and patience is the bloom for this month. You can choose among hot pink, lavender, purple, red and white to beautify your floral arrangements or bouquets according to event and bonding with the recipient.


Hence, it is autumn season during October, you may still find amazing blossoms in gold, orange and brown colors. Marigold the symbol of undying love is available is bright colors of gold, yellow and orange. Make a perfect bouquet and send along your well wishes to your someone special.


Flowers are the nature gift that can always be found even in the cooler nights and cloudy days of November. Chrysanthemums is the bud of chilled weather available in vibrant colors of red, purple, yellow, orange, green, cream and white. Choose the perfect color for your bouquet to share the message of love, purity and truth.


Despite frost, snow and rain, December is the month of festivities and celebrations. Many holidays and celebrations come during this month. Poinsettia is associated with the month. Available in glowing colors of red and green the bloom help you to say “you are the only one” to your beloved friend or partner.

Sending a bouquet of fresh blooms is a simple quick and easy way to make someone feel really special. And the best thing about choosing best flower by month is that it gives unlimited ways to express your feelings of care, love and devotion all over the year in different manner.




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