How to select a perfect bunch of flowers for him/her this valentine?

Sending gifts and flowers on special occasions is the traditional practice to express love and care to those we love. Hence it is not enough to randomly pick a floral bunch to send someone. In order to convey the right message, you need to do some research to find the most suitable type of flowers that can truly convey your message. Flowers can be given on several occasions including birthdays, valentine day, anniversaries and weddings. Or even you can share them anytime whenever you want to say thanks or sorry to anyone around you.

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Valentine day flowers

When we talk about Valentine Day, which is celebrated across the world every year on 14th February, a beautiful bouquet of red roses automatically come in our mind. This is the day when all of us want to openly express  our love and affection to someone special in our life. Since ancient times flowers are used as a medium to send love and feelings to lover, friends and family members. Being the favorite of Venus-the Roman mythological Goddess of Love and Beauty, red roses are typically associated with love and romance. Several poets also refer red rose a symbol of love, delight and beauty. This Persian tradition becomes popular in Europe during 1700 when Charles II of Sweden introduced this to western countries. According to florists a red rose with Baby Breath flower is a “signature rose” for Valentine day. Tulips, irises, daisies and daffodils are also few types that can be given on valentine. You may also pickup different types and colors to make your bouquet more expressive, colorful and attractive.

How to make a perfect bouquet?

Despite being colorful, scented and beautiful, every flower and every color has its own meaning. You can’t choose a bunch of red roses for everyone. Below I am sharing few interesting facts about flowers according to their colors and types. This will surely help you to make a perfect bunch to present him/her on valentine day.

Roses are the primary choice of every individual who is willing to show his/her love for their beloved, family members or friends. Best thing is that roses are available in several color. You can easily pick the right color rose to efficiently convey your message.

Red color shows love and passion

White roses can be given to explain live, purity and respect for some one.

Yellow is the color of celebration, happiness and can pass to friends.

Pink flowers are perfect for  both lovers and friends.

Peach rose or peach color will illustrate feelings of desire, excitement or appreciation.

Orange rose is a perfect choice to disclose your desire and passion for someone special.

Lilac roses when you want to tell someone that you fall in love with at first sight.

Coral roses are given to show your desires.

And Black roses can be presented as Farewell sign when relationship is over.

Having considered your intentions for someone, you can choose suitable color or colors to create a perfect bunch to present. You can enhance the intensity of feelings and emotions by mixing two colors in one bouquet. For example red and yellow color can communicate the message of love, happiness and celebration. Whereas red and white colors display strong bonding, love and harmony in a relationship. And you can mix up yellow and orange color to show strong passion and desire in your heart for someone.

How should you present?

However you have chosen the right color, arrangement of bouquet is also very important. If you are creative enough you can arrange bouquet on your own. In case you are not you can take help of professional florists. To make your flower bunch more attractive you can add ribbons, hearts, small balloons, candies and stuffed animals. Do not over do. Huge bouquets are not necessary to convey your love and feelings. Bunch of 12 roses is sufficient. To make it more expressive attach a handwritten note along with it to tell how special he/she is for you. Both men and women love this act of sharing love. Everyone has a desire to be admired and pampered  with roses and gifts by their darlings, especially on this romantic day of valentine. If you are sending flowers to your man then making a bunch of red, orange or yellow roses will truly help you to convey your message with love.

Its everyone right to expect receiving bouquets and gift from their loved one. So it’s time to visit your nearest floral shop or you can choose to send a bunch online via online flower delivery services.


Beautiful Valentine’s Day Flowers