How to make this valentine day so special

fireplace    Valentine Day is just round the corner and you might be thinking about how to make this day special for her/him. Whether it’s your first valentine event or you have already celebrated this event many time before, you must need some ideas to make this day unforgettable and unique. Exchanging gifts and flowers, eating out and going to movies are the common practices couples choose to do on this day. And it makes sense to do so as they drag both of you to spend some time together. But what you should do if you don’t want to engage in kind of common activities.

Perhaps, you are tired of buying and receiving pricey gifts and expensive dinners and this year all what you want is silent hug with a kiss in your bedroom. And this can be only possible when you are alone with your better half may be in your bedroom or hotel suite which you have already booked for the day. Here I am sharing few unique ideas to celebrate this day in a way you never think of.


Stay at home and spend uninterrupted time together

Instead of going out for a dinner you can cook and order your favorite food at home. If you are unmarried invite your beloved on dinner and make all special arrangements to make him/her feel special. You can decorate the table with red and black table cloth, with a small bouquet of roses and daises. Huge red colored candles on the side table and small to medium candles on the dinner table will produce romantic atmosphere. You can also share love notes and love messages on small handmade cards to reveal your love and care for your better half.


Why not recreate your first meeting?

It has commonly observed that as soon as a person finds the perfect soul mate for him/her, they try hard to reveal their feelings by showing their romantic side to the other. Although, its common but its natural and there is no harm of it. Hence, you have find that special person and already gone through this step, still you can recreate that first meeting on the day to celebrate your love. This will remind you sweet memories about each other. Ideally you should plan to meet at the same venue where you have met before. Flowers and a photo album covering all special moments which you have spent together can be the perfect gifts for this date. I am sure this will be unforgettable for your partner.


Decorate doorways and walkways with rose petals

Both married or unmarried couples can enjoy this sweet activity. If you are married couple spread rose petals in your bedroom from door to bed like a path covered with roses. Being an unmarried couple you can spread rose petals from the main entrance to living room or dining room. Addition of candles and love notes on small cards and chits will embellish this decoration. Imagine how romantic it would be when she is walks in by leaving a trail of rose petals. If you have garden in front of your house you can create a heart with candles and rose petals to surprise your beloved.


What about a short holiday to create endless memories

Incase both of you are professionally working and usually don’t get the chance to spend good time together. This is the right time to get away from hustle and bustle of routine life for a single day or couple of days. If you both have enough time and money, it will be the best option. Why not book a suite in a romantic resort to spend some romantic moments in the arms of your sweetheart, without bothering about cooking, doing the dishes and cleaning. This can be the nice change for the couples who are really busy during routine life.

Whatever you choose to do to make this valentine day so special for him or her, don’t forget flowers and chocolates. As Valentine day can never be complete without a perfect bouquet of flower. What I suggest its more romantic to present a single flower with a love note, if you are going to give on your own. Whereas, sending a whole bouquet of flower via online flower delivery services is more surprising and loving. So what’s your way to make your partner feel special this day. You may share with us in comments.