Five reasons you should celebrate Valentine Day

Valentine days are being celebrated every year on 14th February across the world. Irrespective of being a single or a couple, anyone can celebrate this day to show their love and affection for their family, friends or spouse.


Couples usually go on dinner/movie or share some gifts or cards and a bouquet of flowers or a perfect bunch of red roses to show how much they love each other. Some of you must be thinking when we already love our spouse or friends, is there any need to show your love for him/her on a specific day. However, it is good to reveal your feelings in front of those who love you for what you are. If you have chosen this day to celebrate, then don’t hesitate to go beyond your routine practices and do something unique to make them feel very special.

Below I am sharing five reasons why you should consider celebrating valentine day.

  1. Although, it is a made up holiday, don’t consider this day as a made up holiday. Rather think about the reason why we are celebrating this day. And the reason behind Valentine day is love. Every year on every valentine day, God bestows us the opportunity to show our love and affection for family, friend and spouse.
  2. Hence, there are lot expensive gift item available in the market that you can buy for your better half. You can even make him/her feel special by doing small caring good deeds. Like a special breakfast or homemade lunch or dinner. In order to make it bit romantic you can lit some candles and gift a bunch of beautiful flowers. Even without spending huge money you can show the warmth and love you have for him/her in your heart.
  3. Married couple should consider celebrating this day in order to keep their relation and feelings forever. Usually couples consider it normal when they find they are losing interest in each other. While you are celebrating this day with your better half you will find a positive change. A long hug followed by long kiss will give you more pleasure and feelings. Practicing such small things will help you keeping the love alive, which enable you to maintain good relation with your spouse.
  4. We all know time is moving so fast and life gets so busy for everyone. We hardly get some spare time to celebrate small things. Happiness is fading away from our lives. What we can do is to divide days and months and tag them to celebrate different things just to make us happy. Like we do with this valentine day.
  5. If you observe our daily life, you will find everyone is running behind to find the easiest way to get the things done. However, finding convenience to carry out routine tasks is good to save time. But it is not actually good in all aspects of life. Sometimes we have to make some efforts to show our love and care to our loved ones. It enriches feelings of love among people. when you are pulling out time to celebrate valentine day, it positively affect your relations and life.

It’s easy to ignore celebrating Valentine day like a special day. It is better if you prefer to celebrate this day in a special way like share gifts, valentine bouquet of flowers or even a simple card can help you to make someone feel very special on this day. Such small celebrations allow everyone to create beautiful memories that can be worth to remind back. Spending time with your loved one is far much better than spending money on buying expensive items.
Valentine’s Day Flowers