Flowers you can send on Valentine’s Day which looks Amazing

Valentine’s Day is known as the day celebrated around the world in the name of love and friendship. On this day everyone is free to express their feelings towards another irrespective of whether they are single, in a relationship or just friends. People express their feelings for one another through different means like cards, gifts, teddy bears, flowers and going out for dinner. With the busy lives people live today one hardly gets enough time to spend time with their friends, family and loved ones. Celebrating Valentine’s Day allows one to express their feelings and make their loved ones happy.


With the numerous types of flowers available all over the world on Valentine’s Day there are a few popular flowers that are exchanged according to their type and meaning. Roses are the most popular flower type exchanged on this day. Roses are known to have the highest sales all around the world on this special day. The classic red rose is the tops all other flower types and represents love, romance, affection and expresses the three magic words “I love you”. Pink roses which express admiration and appreciation and white roses which represent innocence and purity are also commonly exchanged on this day.


Daisies are another top choice for Valentine’s Day and are truly bound to send happiness and joy to whomever they are sent to. White daisies and yellow daisies are two of the post popular type of daisies exchanged. While white daisies represent innocence and purity, yellow daisies represent happiness and joy. Daisies are the perfect choice to send to a close friend or someone who is sad and low.


Another flower type best for Valentine’s Day is Carnations. These beautiful flowers are truly one of a kind and express love and fascination. Red carnations represent love, admiration and affection while white carnations represent purity and luck. Pink carnations represent the endless love that a mother gives to her child.

The Lily is another elegant flower with endless beauty. They have their own beauty, class and style. This is another perfect choice of flower for Valentine’s Day and has an amazing fragrance that one would want to smell over and over again. Lilies represent purity and innocence and white lily bouquets are one of the most popular and elegant bunches of flowers.


orchids Orchids are another perfect choice of flower for Valentine’s Day and they signify love, beauty and strength. They are known to be very delicate and have a rare beauty. White orchids represent beauty, innocence and purity while pink resent happiness and joy. Yellow orchids represent friendship and new beginnings while purple orchids represent loyalty, admiration and respect. Blue orchids are very rare and therefore, represent rarity.

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