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How to make this Mothering Sunday so special to your Mom


Mothers are God’s blessing on this earth. No one can deny their innate and pure love. She is the only one who truly displays the selfless love without expecting any return. She never get bored of performing routine tasks like cooking food or washing clothes. She is always there to help and protect a child in all situations. They keep on loving their child till their last breath. It is impossible saying thanks to a mother for her devoted love. What we can do is to respect our mums with whole heart and appreciate their efforts. Best way to show your gratitude towards your mom is to spend some time with her and let her know how blessed you feel with her presence in your life.

How can you make your mum feel loved?


Never forget to wish her on special days like her birthday and wedding anniversary. You can also take advantage with several festivals according to your cultural and religious norms. Besides these festivals, few international events are also celebrated to reward women internationally. Women Day and Mothers Day are the most famous events. Perhaps, it seems formal for many to wish their mother and sisters on such events. But believe me these events reveal us best opportunities to make them feel special.

Why Mothering Sunday is celebrated?


Mothering Sunday is another upcoming event that will allow you to share love and affection for your mom. Every year the day is celebrated on forth Sunday of Lent in the honor of Virgin Mary. This is the perfect time to reveal your love, care and respect to your mum. Possibly, you are short of ideas about how to make this Mothering Sunday so special to your mom. Here I am sharing few simple ideas you can use to make this day special for her.

Be with your Mom


This may sounds common and less exciting to you. Some of you might be thinking what is good about spending time with a person who is already living with you since you are born. Do you think that while we live together, we really get the chance to spend time with each other? Especially if you are grown up professional individual. The answer is no as all of us are usually busy in routine life and job responsibilities. This the day when you should rearrange your schedule and take out some time to spend a whole day with your mom. Take her on the slow walk in park, book a lunch or dinner in her favorite restaurant. Do some shopping with her. Spend some time at home watching old pictures and movies of family. Tell her that you always need her love and support.

Buy some unique gifts according to her likes


Having considered the personal interest and likes of your mum, buy some gifts for her. If she is fond of cosmetics, jewelry and fashion accessories, make a beautiful basket filled with these items. If she loves reading book and cooking food, a novel from her favorite writer and modern kitchen appliances or cooking utensils can be the great gift ideas for her. Options are limitless. What you need to do is to carefully choose the best gift after observing her likes and dislikes.

Create a scrap book or a calendar


Take an album and arrange her photographs when she was young. Praise about her beauty and glowing youthful personality. Also add pictures from your childhood and quote special thanks for your mom for all she has done so far to brought you up. You can also create a special calendar with your and family photographs to let her know that she is treasure for whole family. No one can stay comfortable without her. You can add small descriptions for her, your thoughts and feelings about her under the photos of scrap book and calendar. She will definitely love reading all these loving thoughts.

Send your love with flowers

Mother and Daughter Holding a Bouquet of Flowers

Carnation flowers are considered as the symbol of mother love. The specific bloom has been presented on this day since 1908. White Carnations represents purity, faithfulness and love. The beautiful fragrant bloom is also known to display beauty and charity, which is considered as the essence of parenthood. This is kind of divine bloom which is available is range of beautiful colors like white, pink, red or reddish pink. Professional florists arrange special bouquets to present on Mother’s Day. You can visit your nearest flower shop or buy your favorite bouquet via online flower delivery services. While sending flowers to your mom don’t forget to add love note in greeting card. Everyone loves reading loving messages written for them.
The day is going to fall soon at the end of this week, so don’t waste your time. Plan things in advance and make your mom feel surprise on Mothering Sunday. Life is too short, so I suggest you to don’t miss any chance to tell your beloved mom how special you feel owing her.

Mother’s Day

How to surprise her on international Women Day on 8th March?


Women Day

With more than 100 years of history, Women Day has become an international event which is celebrated every year on 8th March. The very first time the day was celebrated in 1909. The main motif behind observing this event is to acknowledge economic, political and social achievements accomplished by women on local and international levels. Thousands of seminars and activities are organized by government and private organizations, charity and educational institutes to reward leading ladies for their attainments. Every year International Women Day Organization choose specific theme to compliment successful females on international levels to dignify their role in world progress and make them feel special by representing that they are equally capable to do the things like a man.


Empowering Women-Empowering Humanity
The latest theme for International Women Day 2015


Women Day 8 March


Despite being politically important event, in some countries the day has transformed into an occasion to express love, respect and care for the special woman in your life. She can be your mother, teacher, sister, wife or even a best friend. Irrespective of being male or female you can share your feelings and regards to that one special woman on this day. You don’t need to buy pricey gifts to reveal your love and respect to her. Rather you need to be innovative in choosing the way to surprise her on International Women Day 8th March.


Below I am sharing few simple ideas you can choose to show your love, affection and thoughtfulness for that special woman who have been making your life easier in her own way.

Privilege her with saying and writing something unique


Privilege her with saying and writing something unique


However, it seems a common activity, it can be a wonderful way to touch her heart. Even saying a simple thank you for always being there or thanks for all your love and support to your mum, wife, sister or friend will make her day good. Believe me simple gestures are often let you show your feelings in purest form. Similarly you can write a small note of gratitude on a handmade greeting card to let her know how special she is for you is a lovely way of admiration. You can select a poem or special quote to make your message more meaningful.

Do something unusual to show your concern about her


Do something unusual to show your concern about her


Doing something unusual doesn’t mean to spend huge money to throw a party. Again you need to think carefully, what will really make her feel loved? You can simply cook favorite food for her or let her free from routine house chores, she has to perform on daily basis. Planning for a movie, picnic or dinner at local restaurant can be a great idea. Try spending quality time with her. If you want to send your wishes to the one outside your family, make a phone call to thank you for her support and concerns she has made in your life.

Why not arrange some suitable gift for her


Why not arrange some suitable gift for her


While choosing a gift to present her on this day, it’s better not to run behind the most expensive accessories available in the market. Choose the souvenir in a way that truly compliment your feelings of love care and affection you possess for her. After considering your relationship with her, choose things that she really needs. You can buy beautiful basket and fill it with small daily life accessories she may need or you can buy a beautiful pendent or a pair of studs, a perfume a painting with loving quote. It can be a book of her favorite writer or a handmade pouch or container to store small things. Careful observation is must to pick the most
suitable gift for her.  


Rose_Surprise her with flowers

Never forget flowers

Never forget flowers

Whatever you have decided to uncover your love, care and respect for her, never forget the power of sending flowers. Yet again don’t worry to buy a costly bouquet of flowers. Rather you must pay attention what flowers you can send on Women Day. After considering the theme and colors of the theme the best blooms you can choose to send on this day include Daffodils (loyalty), Orchids (love and strength), Irises (friendship and love), Lily (happiness to have someone), Daisies (innocent love), Primrose (innate love) and Tulips(perfect love). While sending these flowerings you can mesmerize her with your love, affection an care.

At the end I would like to say whenever it comes to show your love to anyone special in your life, then don’t feel dependent on expensive material and gifts. Love is not about materialism it’s all about telling and showing your feelings in the purest form. Happy Women Day to all.

Women’ Day 8th March